Trailblazers immensely focuses on:

  1. Sexual and Reproductive Health Education and Menstruation Hygiene Management focuses on two campaigns (Menstrual Hygiene Management -MHM) to break the silence on Menstruation and the Anti Teen Pregnancy Campaign which focuses on having young people at the fore front to bring down the 25% alarming teen pregnancy rate. Both campaign work to have girls remain in and complete school and also involve boys and men as supporters in this cause.
  2. Education through capacity building in sessions such as life skills training are conducted to empower young people address educational challenges that prevent them from finishing school but also enabling them to appreciate the the socio- economic  benefits of education.
  3. Sustainable livelihood exposes young people to practical sessions on Entrepreneurship to start small income generating activities to sustain them while at school. This program caters for the out of school  youth as well especially teen parents to enable  them create their own jobs  so they are in position to   sustain their lives,  cater for their children and be role models.
  4. Mentoring sessions bring together pre teen and teens from various schools both rural and urban for inspirational sessions, life building talks with role models and mentoring trainings. Mentees undergo group sessions and one on one sessions to guide on issues that they present so they can overcome barriers, utilize opportunities and realize their goals. These fun filled mentoring sessions feature young role models who have beat odds to make it to where they are today.

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