UNGEI Uganda youth consultation meeting

On September 3rd and 4th, TMF had 2 mentees from Nebbi district join fellow youth leaders from other CSO’s for a consultation on UNGEI’s forthcoming Youth Engagement Strategy. The two-day consultation brought together over 20 youth from a variety of backgrounds to discuss how UNGEI can better include young people in its work to ensure all girls, especially the most marginalized, access and complete a quality education. The youth leaders were from secondary schools, universities, national youth organizations including the Ugandan Youth Coalition and National Youth Council participated on behalf of their networks.  The UN Global Education First Initiative’s Youth Advocacy Group was also represented. The consultation provided an opportunity for youth to input into UNGEI’s first youth engagement strategy and to identify girls’ education priorities for UNGEI’s partner organizations working in Uganda.  The participants discussed areas of youth participation at the international, national and district levels and across areas of society including government, communities, schools, the workforce and religious and cultural organizations. This youth fora was participatory, participants brainstormed strategies for youth engagement across areas of UNGEI’s work such as how to increase youth participation in research and advocacy efforts, and in UNGEI’s governance structure itself. They learned how to engage themselves as leaders and also bring fellow youth on board.

TMF co founder Joyce Atimango speaks on girls education and health in Uganda
TMF co founder Joyce Atimango speaks on girls education and health in Uganda

This meeting had UNGEI Uganda members from UNICEF (the convener), Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Sports (Committee chair), FAWE Uganda (co- chair), Trailblazers Mentoring Foundation, Leonard Cheshire Disability and Plan Uganda. Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development also attended the meeting. This in-person consultation youth meeting was the final stage of a six-month process to design UNGEI’s first youth engagement strategy. It follows a literature review of best practices for youth engagement in institutions and processes, an online consultation with youth on participation that gathered approximately 400 entries, and interviews with member organizations of UNGEI’s Global Advisory Committee (GAC) on their approaches to youth engagement and inputs on an initiative-wide strategy. The final strategy will be presented to the GAC at its annual meeting in mid-November.

UNGEI youth consultation meeting participants in Kampala- Uganda (September 2015)
UNGEI youth consultation meeting participants in Kampala- Uganda (September 2015)

At TMF, the 2 youth leaders seriously took on the action points at the meeting that when they returned back to Nebbi. Brenda is the head prefect at her school and youth representative for education at Panyango sub county level and Anna is the youth representative for education at parish level.

Brenda (TMF mentee)

Anyimcol Anna 17years old, C/p Trailblazers mentoring foundation giving a presentation during a two-day, UN Girls’ Education Initiative Youth consultation where Ugandan youth leaders were engaged in UNGEI’s first youth inter-face strategy and education priorities to influence the UN Girls’ Education Initiative’s. UNICEF Uganda in partnership with Ministry of Education Science Technology and Sports and FAWE Uganda brought together approximately 20 youth participants representing the National Youth Council, Uganda National Students Association & the Youth Coalition Council. Youth with Disabilities, young women and young men, youth working on various aspects of education including crisis affected, the most marginalized targeting upper secondary or university students as well. In Uganda, the UNGEI partnership has been very successful at working with the Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development, development partners, districts and Civil Society Organizations and the schools to improve equitable access to quality education. The youth engagement is to serve as an opportunity to influence UNGEI Uganda’s ongoing strategic planning process for the next 5 years. 4th –Sept –2015. ©UNICEF/Stephen Wandera/ KAMPALA UGANDA.


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