Universal Health Coverage day 2014

Trailblazers Mentoring Foundation is joining the rest of the world on 12th December 2014 to celebrate progress made in health and further hold our leaders accountable. The United Nations unanimously endorsed universal health coverage on 12th December 2012 and this year over 300 organizations, companies and health partners will stand in solidarity advocating for accessible health care for all. Health is a human right and a cornerstone of sustainable development and global security. How health care is financed and delivered must continue to change for the best and become more equitable and more effective.

In Uganda, civil society organizations have joined effort with focus on young people and addressing ASRH especially teen pregnancy. The team is chaired by Ms Joyce Atimango- Executive Director TMF, co chaired by Mr Kamya Eriya – Action Group for Health Human Rights and HIV/AIDS Uganda (AGHA who host the preparatory meetings), UWACASO, NFSC and CEHURD.

Why we stand for universal health? Because health is a right, not a privilege. Access to quality health care should never depend on where you live, how old you are or how much money you have…

For more information about this day please visit http://www.universalhealthcoverageday.org/en/


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