Life skills: My experience as a mentee

One key session we always hold with boys and girls in and out of school is LIFE SKILLS- at Trailblazers Mentoring Foundation we find it important to build secure, confident and decisive young lives. These sessions are designed to equip young people with practical ways of putting the knowledge they have into use in their day to day living. We at TMF are committed to supporting young people and want to walk with them as they journey through life working to succeed both now and in the future.

I joined Trailblazers Mentoring Foundation as a mentee in 2013 and the first activity I was involved in after orientation and meeting my mentors was a life skills workshop. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do but I really looked forward to meeting new faces and making friends with other children from different schools. This particular workshop was facilitated by two mentors (Ms. Joyce and Ms. Elizabeth) and we had a guest inspirational speaker Mrs. Mugisha Grace Nanyonga a young successful entrepreneur with a unique life testimony. I greatly admire her and have always enjoyed her company for each day with her you learn many useful and inspiring things…

I and my number 1 mentor Liz- a friend, mother and sister.
I and my number 1 mentor Liz- a friend, mother and sister.

Our facilitators introduced us to life skills the special abilities that help us to go through life both in good but especially in the hard times. We covered skills of knowing and living with one self. I found the sessions fun because we did exercises and presentations, we shared thoughts on self awareness looking at who we are, our strengths, weaknesses, emotions, fears, background and culture; this session helped me understand how unique and special I am. We also learned about assertiveness a skill whereby you know what you want and why, being able to communicate it in a gentle but firm manner and being ready to stand by your decision, no matter what. Then we looked at coping with stress and emotion, we discussed how important it is to manage or adjust to different situations so we can prevent a break down.


We covered more skills that help us live in harmony with others, skills to deal with conflict in a more peaceful manner. And with skill covered I further appreciated my life, my friends, my family and the importance of speaking out on issues that deal with as we are growing up. I made sure I shared the knowledge I got that day with my friends at school and at home. I wasn’t sure the workshop would be any good but turns out I had so much fun, learned new things, started journaling and also looked forward to another session just like this one 

My biggest lesson for the day was the fact that I am unique, I am special, I am the future and I am change…

Hanging out with my mentors (left -right) Suzan, Janat and I at the 4th annual Vital Voices womens mentoring walk in Kampala
Hanging out with my mentors (left -right) Susan, Janat and I at the 4th annual Vital Voices women’s mentoring walk in Kampala

I am not sure if you have done the life skills session before, if not I challenge you to do so and also share with your friends. We all need to know about life skills. I wish you the best in all you do and remember to enjoy yourself while you learn or read about life skills.

Sanyu Kimberly Grace –TMF mentee